An analyst estimates that more than 12 million copies of the Xbox Series X and S have been shipped worldwide.

Daniel Ahmad of research organization Niko Partners reports this. In an interview with The New York Times, Xbox head Phil Spencer reported that the Xbox Series consoles are still selling faster than any previous Xbox console. According to Ahmad, that means that more than twelve million copies must have been shipped by now.

While Microsoft is not releasing precise sales figures for its consoles, it was previously estimated that shipments were at eight million by the end of October 2021. So in the past two months, about four million copies have been added.

According to Ahmad, this is mainly due to the fact that the chips for the less powerful Xbox Series S are less scarce than the chips in other consoles. As a result, the Xbox Series S would be relatively readily available compared to the Xbox Series X and its closest competitor, the PlayStation 5.

Incidentally, Sony does publish official sales figures from time to time. Until the end of September 2021, 13.4 million units of the PS5 have been shipped worldwide, although that number has logically increased in the past three months. However, recent figures are not available at this time.

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