The previously announced Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will get a limited physical edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
The physical edition is produced by Limited Run Games. Below are the boxes, although it may be placeholders.

The remaster of the classic point-and-click adventure was announced earlier this month. The game is being developed by Nightdive Studios, the developer of the upcoming System Shock remake and various remasters such as Doom 64 and the Turok games.

The game should look better than the original because it runs on the KEX engine. That’s the same engine used for System Shock: Enhanced Edition and the Turok games. Players can expect improved graphics, animations and cutscenes, as well as the ability to customize controls.

Westwood Studios’ classic point-and-click adventure Blade Runner was released in 1997. That was striking, as the movie the game is based on appeared in 1982. Instead of being an easy copy of the movie, players were presented with a partially randomized adventure . Characters had a real-time schedule that they kept and there were also several endings.

The digital edition is not only coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch, but also PC and Xbox One. A release date is not yet known.

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