Not only has Capcom unveiled the logo to celebrate Street Fighter’s 35th anniversary year, the company is also hinting at announcements.

Capcom shared the logo on Twitter. In 2022 the fighting franchise will be 35 years old – in August 1987 the first game was released in Japanese arcades. It’s not clear what exactly Capcom will be doing to celebrate this anniversary year, but the unveiling of a special logo seems to hint at upcoming celebrations.

In a Japanese tweet, the company also hinted at the possibility of future developments being revealed later this year. While not explicitly stated, fans are hoping that some initial information about Street Fighter 6 will be revealed. At the end of last year, the people behind the franchise already announced that they were starting a new part.

In 2017, Capcom celebrated Street Fighter’s thirtieth anniversary with the release of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, a collection containing twelve main games from the series.

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