Cheat makers who created tools to cheat in PUBG Mobile have to pay around ten million dollars in damages to PUBG publishers Krafton and Tencent. Courts in Germany and the US have ruled that, according to IGN.

Tencent and Krafton announce in the message that they will put the money into further development of their anti-cheat technology. In addition to damages, the unnamed group must provide information on how they were able to exploit the vulnerabilities in question. In addition, they are of course forbidden to continue their work.

Following a press release, IGN is going public with the news. However, he does not put the message online and does not link to an external source. Tweakers contacted Krafton, formerly Bluehole, for verification and asked for the original press release, for verification.

Cheat tool trading is one that involves a lot of money. As a result, numerous game accounts are banned, PC anti-cheat tools are developed that work at the kernel level, and lawsuits are regularly filed, such as the one above.

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