Crytek has threatened Dutch modder Frans Bouma with legal action over a number of mods for Crysis games.

Bouma, who has its own Patreon page, makes mods that allow adding custom photo modes to PC games. This allows players to use the game’s camera to take screenshots. It also allows users to adjust various elements such as time of day and resolution.

Bouma announced on social media earlier this week that he has removed two mods for the remasters of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 at the request of Crytek. He received a letter from Crytek’s PR manager Adam Grinsell. In the letter, Grinsell requested Bouma to remove any mentions of the mods within a week, otherwise the case would be forwarded to Crytek’s lawyers. Grinsell is said to have mentioned that it is forbidden to monetize the mods – which Bouma indirectly does with his Patreon page, where the mods are offered.

Bouma has expressed his surprise at the communication, as his mods only use his own coding and he also creates photo modes for many other games – often to the delight of players and developers. “I’ve made photo modes for more games than anyone else. (…) I’ve always received nothing but enthusiastic reactions from publishers and developers, because they appreciate the free advertising. But Crytek remains Crytek and shoots itself in its own foot.”

A Crytek community manager has admitted on Reddit that he handled the situation incorrectly. The company would have apologized to Bouma. However, they do emphasize that they must continue to protect their trademarks – it is not clear if that means the mods must remain offline.

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