American Deeply in Trouble After Installing Bitcoin (BTC) Miners in Government Building

A man in the United States has done it in a remarkable way. He had illegally installed a number of bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto mining machines in a government building and was subsequently caught doing so.

It specialist

This is about 42-year-old Christopher Naples. He is an IT supervisor for local government in New York State. He had been working here for over 20 years, but this now seems to be coming to an abrupt end. He is accused of corruption, theft and trespassing.

This is because he had installed as many as 46 crypto mining machines in the local government headquarters without permission. In this way, he was able to mine large amounts of cryptocurrencies without having to pay the sky-high energy bill. This bill would be as much as $60,000.

Sini also indicated that Naples had installed so many miners in the building that the entire infrastructure was overloaded. Employees had been complaining about the slow internet for months and when the miners were finally removed, the temperature in one of the rooms dropped dramatically.

It looks like Naples will face some serious punishment for this. He had indeed found a way to get out of the energy bill, but in the end it will still cost him dearly.