Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin returns to the podcast to discuss his recent article Endgame, as well as the massive year we observed in 2021. From the future of Ethereum to the rise of alternative Layer 1 platforms, it only makes sense to kick off 2022 by exploring how far we’ve come and figuring out where we’re headed.

How far are we along on Ethereum’s roadmap? What challenges lie ahead?

In a recent tweet, Vitalik posted a graphic of the updated progress of the Ethereum roadmap, and there are five throughlines that are progressing in parallel:

• The Merge
• The Surge
• The Verge
• The Purge
• The Splurge

We dive into what each of these means, as well as discuss what Ethereum will look like as these milestones are met. Holding this up against conversations of maximalism and alternative L1s, now is the time to start asking the big questions.

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