Epic Games takes over the Artstation platform

Epic Games takes over the Artstation platform

pic Games takes over the Artstation platform. The company announces this in a blog post.

Artstation is a platform on which artists can share images, 3D models and other art on their own page. The platform is popular among game developers.

Epic Games indicates that Artstation will continue to operate independently and will develop ‘close ties’ with the Unreal Engine team. This should give users access to more ‘resources’ and ‘connections’.

Epic is also making two changes with immediate effect. For example, it reduces the platform’s commission on the Artstation Marketplace from 30 to 12 percent. For example, users earn more from the sale of their own models and tutorials. For Pro users, that number drops to 8 percent, and 5 percent with self-promoted sales.

Artstation Learning, a streaming platform with expert tutorials, will also be free for the rest of 2021.