A series of virtual performances were arranged for the end of 2021 to promote Facebook’s metaverse platform, dubbed Santa’s early gifts for music lovers. On December 26, 31, and January 1, respectively. The social media behemoth brought in award-winning hip hop musician Young Thug, DJ, producer David Guetta, and EDM legends The Chainsmokers. Facebook’s metaverse platform, Horizon Venues, hosted the live performances.

There was a minor hiccup: the crowd was generally uninterested in the performances. It got worse: even though the performances were free, Facebook users discovered a method to skip them altogether. Aside from the lacklustre attendance, the events received very little attention on Twitter or Facebook.

Events Received Very Little Attention

Only roughly 100,000 people have seen Young Thug’s Grammy-winning video. Although Guetta is a colossal hitmaker, he only managed to get one million views, whereas EDM superstars Oculus, a Facebook subsidiary, even took down the Chainsmokers’ performance. According to Facebook’s history of inflating video views by as much as nine times, it’s clear how little attention the events received.

In addition to that, the performances were mediocre at best. Although Guetta’s concert was held in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, it was performed in 2D. The following two were not any better. The fact that Facebook owns Oculus, one of the world’s leading VR headset manufacturers, makes it an obvious front-runner in the metaverse. There is still a lot of hesitation on the participation side, as seen by these three performances.