Sony may consider building a chip factory in Japan

That is what Japan’s Nikkei claims, Reuters reported. Sony is said to be in talks with the Taiwanese company TSMC, the largest chip maker in the world. The companies are said to be considering a partnership to build a chip factory in Japan.

Building a factory where chips are made is very expensive, but the Japanese government would like to cover part of the costs. The government would like to invest about 800 billion yen (about 6.1 billion euros).

The plant is said to be primarily intended to make semiconductors for cars and other products – including consoles – at a great pace. There has been a longstanding shortage of semiconductors, making the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles difficult to obtain worldwide, combined with their current popularity.

However, the factory could not be built quickly enough to solve this problem in the coming years. The plant could not be put into operation until 2024. The factory may have to partly absorb future scarcity. However, TSMC would also be concerned about China’s influence over Taiwan, where most chips are currently produced.