HP has partnered with Valve and Microsoft to develop a VR headset. This is evident from the HP website and a Steam page of the headset that was recently released.

On the HP website, Valve and Microsoft are listed as partners of the headset. The three companies are joining forces and working on a device that currently simply has the name: Next Gen HP VR Headset. On the HP site, the developer reports the following:

“The new generation of HP VR headset offers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the previous generation of VR headsets. It will be the new standard in VR. ”

Interested parties can ask via the HP site to receive a notification when the headset is available, and people can also tick to receive updates.

On the Steam page there is a short trailer where the design of the new headset is teased. The HP logo is clearly visible on the front of the glasses, but otherwise many details disappear in the dark. It is not yet known when the VR headset will be released.