According to game developer Fatshark, Easy Anti-Cheat is not made as compatible with Linux as owner Epic Games claims. Fatshark states that only the version of EAC that Epic Online Services uses on Linux works through Proton, but many EAC games don’t use that.

According to Fatshark’s community manager Hedge, in the case of their game Vermintide 2, this would mean moving the game to the EOS variant of EAC, which equates to a “huge amount of work.” In addition, Hedge does not exclude that this variant of EAC also requires that players log in to Epic Games before the game wants to start. However, he is not sure.

Epic Games’ statement that compatibility in this area can be controlled with ‘a few clicks‘ is therefore ‘not completely accurate’ in Hedge’s eyes and only applies to games with the EOS variant. According to him, the share of games with that variant is “small” and consists “mainly of newer games and probably mainly games that are exclusive to the Epic Games Store.” In conclusion, the Swede does state that there may be ‘other solutions or workarounds’.

Overall, Fatshark considers the effort it would take to move from the non-EOS variant to the EOS variant for the purpose of Linux compatibility for Vermintide 2 “potentially a deal breaker.”

The door for gaming on Linux has been more open for a while now. This is partly thanks to Proton, the software that uses Wine and DXVK, among others, to run Windows games successfully on Linux. However, anti-cheat software like EAC and BattlEye are strict and won’t just trust Linux systems with Proton, so the makers of those two pieces of software have enabled compatibility. The momentum that Linux gaming is currently in also has to do with the arrival of the Steam Deck.

Tweakers has contacted Epic Games and asked them for a response to the statements of the Swedish game developer. Any comments will be added as an update.

Fatshark is the developer of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, a Left 4 Dead-style co-op game set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. In addition, they are working on Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, a similar game set in the fantasy universe’s sci-fi counterpart.

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