If it’s up to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, someone banned from one specific system in the future won’t be able to play online on another platform either.

He reported this in an interview with The New York Times. He admits that this is difficult to achieve, as it requires different companies to work more closely together. “Something I’d like to see: if someone gets banned on one of our networks, would there be a way to ban that person on other networks?”

An alternative, according to Spencer, is that gamers can choose which players they block, and then use that list on other platforms. “Then that’s the group of people I choose not to play with. I don’t want to have to recreate that list every time I play games on every platform I play on.”

In some games, bans already apply on all platforms, such as in Call of Duty games. When someone is banned from one of those games on one platform, Call of Duty can no longer be played online on another system.

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