New Fable game runs on ForzaTech engine

New Fable game runs on ForzaTech engine

The new Fable game announced last year runs on ForzaTech, the engine that also runs the Forza games.

This is evident from a vacancy on the Microsoft website, in which they are looking for a software engineer. It is written that ForzaTech is used for both the Forza games and the new, open world Fable.

The new Fable is being developed by Playground Games, the studio behind the Forza Horizon games. However, these are racing games, so the choice to develop Fable in the ForzaTech engine is a striking one. However, gamers are generally very pleased with the performance of Forza games.

Hardly any further details are known about the Fable announced last year. The announcement trailer didn’t reveal much either. The game is due to come to Xbox Series X and S and PC on an as yet unknown date.

The first installments in the Fable series were developed by Lionhead Studios under the direction of Peter Molyneux and were known for their ambitious game worlds, in which players could be the hero or the villain depending on their playing style. People could also get married and have children.

After several spin-offs, including Kinect game Fable: The Journey, Lionhead worked on the multiplayer game Fable Legends. In 2016, development of the game was discontinued and the studio was closed by Microsoft. In 2018, the free-to-play card game Fable Fortune was released, which was taken offline last year.

Below you can see the announcement trailer of the new Fable again.