Former US President Donald Trump’s new social media platform is set to be released next month, according to an App Store listing, according to Reuters news agency.

The company is the merger company of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and the Digital World Acquisition Group and will operate under the former name. According to Trump, TMTG should become a counterpart to the “liberal media companies”, such as Twitter.

It appears from the listing in the App Store that the iPhone app of the social medium should be released February 21 on President’s Day. It is a holiday in the United States in honor of all presidents. Before that time, selected users would already be able to get acquainted with the platform.

Like Twitter, the app is going to provide features to follow people and trending topics. The equivalent of a tweet will be called “truth” on the social medium. Actually, the platform should have appeared last year, but the development was delayed for several months.

Trump has been banned from Twitter for about a year for his role in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Twitter cited “the risk of further incitement to violence” as the reason. In June, Facebook announced that it would ban the former president for at least two years.

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