Drone Captures Millions of Dollars Worth of Border Wall Sitting Unused

A Fox News drone camera hovered over millions of dollars worth of steel border fencing sitting unused in South Texas.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, a drone spotted hundreds of piles of pre-fabricated 30-foot-high steel partitions “baking in the sun” in Pharr, Texas, right near the US-Mexico border.

“What does it look like to not build the border wall?” Melugin asked. “Our drone is overhead in Pharr, TX at one location where steel for the border wall has been baking in the sun & going to waste since January. Tens of millions of dollars worth of steel here already paid for.”

The drone next spotted a second location where steel border fencing is also currently being stored.

“I’m told there are over 20,000 panels between both spots worth roughly $120 million. Already paid for,” reported Melugin.

The fencing has reportedly been sitting untouched since January 2021, when Biden halted wall construction efforts after being sworn in.

The missing border wall sections could explain why hundreds of thousands of migrants from Haiti and other countries have found it relatively easy to illegally traverse into the United States with little to no resistance.