The PC version of God of War, released yesterday, has been in development for at least two years.

This is evident from a Game Informer interview with senior manager technical production Matt Dewald. “I usually play (the game) with mouse and keyboard, because I’ve been working on it for two years and I’m used to that now. It feels completely natural for me to play it with mouse and keyboard.”

The PC version of God of War was developed by Canadian studio Jetpack Interactive, but Santa Monica Studio, the developer of the PS4 version of God of War, lent a hand.

“Finally being able to play God of War on PC is great, but select choices make it look like Kratos is being reluctantly lent. Technically, the port is successful, but it will Don’t do anything more than what’s absolutely necessary. Today’s PCs can do so much more — think of a generous photo mode or broader control options — but other than a few visual tweaks, a lot of potential for an exemplary port is eluded.”

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