Normally politicians are looking for ways to get children out, but now with the coronavirus, the exact opposite is happening. For example, the Polish government has created a Minecraft server, which Polish children can use now that the schools are closed.

On March 11, the Polish government took strict measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. All schools, museums and cinemas closed from then on. To entertain children, the Polish government, in collaboration with the Neverlight Association, launched the Minecraft server Grarantanna.

Grarantanna is originally an online environment where students can undertake various activities with others. There are various webinars and quizzes about Polish history and geography, among others. In addition, online table top RPG sessions are organized.

In the Minecraft version of the environment, each player gets a piece of land of 60 by 60 blocks, where they can build what they want. The thirty best creations will be exhibited on March 30 and the winners will be rewarded with prizes.

Grarantanna is only available in Poland. How long the Minecraft server stays online is not yet known.

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