Renault plans to sell only electric cars in Europe from 2030. This plan does depend on the supply of charging stations and the price of electricity. Subsidiary brand Dacia will probably still sell cars with combustion engines.

The aim to only sell electric cars from 2030 goes further than the previous plan, notes Automotive News Europe. Last July, the automaker said that by 2030, 90 percent of all cars sold would be fully electric. It is not clear why Renault now thinks this will be 100 percent.

CEO Luca de Meo does, however, keep a lid on it if things such as infrastructure or energy prices do not yet make it possible to sell only fully electric cars. In addition, the plan only applies to the Renault brand itself, not to the entire Renault Group, which also includes Dacia, for example. Dacia will be fully electric ‘at the last possible moment’, because this brand mainly produces cheap cars.

Renault has been selling the Zoe for years. The Mégane E-Tech Electric should be added this year. The European Commission wants only zero-emission cars to be bought by 2035. Some European countries, including the Netherlands, want the combustion engine to be banned earlier in new cars. Tweakers wrote a background article last summer about the plans of car manufacturers to supply electric cars.

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