Take a look at this incredible gem of a video !! This machine was designed by a close friend of Carl FUGA.

Space Cake Arcade-cabinets

If you had a time machine, fuel for one round trip to the past, and choose one of the two. Shooting a T-Rex into the blaster balls or stealing an arcade cabinet from a game emporium, what would you do? I bet you would do the latter because you don’t have a blaster and arcade cabinets are great! But now you don’t have a time machine? Behold, Space Cake Arcade, a complete retro game system made from future construction magic capable of conquering the awesome 80s thanks to the ingenuity of the fine engineers.

Premium Quality

Space Cake Arcade cabinets are painstakingly built by hand using the highest quality components. Of course, some space programs were delayed due to material shortages, but it’s all for a bigger reason. Space Cake Arcade is designed to make your soul light and happy. It is designed as a jewel in any interior. Dude! it even has a cool box for drinks!


Hunderds of Games

Space Cake Arcade allows you to play hundreds of retro games. Includes early history (1971-1977), Golden Age (1978-1986) and Post-Golden Age (1987-1996). Space Cake Arcade supports almost all known systems: Neo Geo, Sega, Sony, Nintendo, Atari, MAME and many others.


And any arcade cabinet design can be customised to meet your needs. Want to see your gamer name on the arcade cabinet? How about a bottle opener? Do you know what goes well with a beer bottle opener? Yes, a drink cooler with colored LED lighting. Then another thing that can upgrade your Space Cake Arcade is a pair of bottle holders that allow you to easily drink drinks after an epic battle with a boss.

Spacecake arcade custom stick

Space Cake Arcade Home Edition

Technical Specs:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 preinstalled with a fully working system. Games are not preinstalled. You can do it your self easily. Supported gaming systems list.
  • 19″ 4:3 LCD Monitor for authentic experience or 22″ 16:9 LCD LED Monitor
  • Stereo sound system with volume controls
  • Illuminated joysticks and buttons (cherry microswitches)
  • Detachable USB retro joypads
  • Cooler for drinks A+ class (Repells Ice Giants)
  • RGB LED illuminated back and front elements (Remote controller included)
  • Top arcade cabinet can be detached from the cooler
  • H/W/D 184 x 70 x 50 cm


  • Individually designed veneers (both sides of the cabinet)
  • Your gamer name on the marqee (top illuminated plate)
  • Your choice of software
  • Cooler for drinks (with or without it)
  • Cupholders/beerholders (both sides of the cabinet)
  • Bottle oppener with a magnet
  • Light version – no bottom module
  • Custom controller colors
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