More than twelve million copies of Rust have been sold. Developer Facepunch announced this via a blog post on Steam. To be precise, it concerns 12,481,079 copies of the game.

The company released further details about Rust. For example, more than a million DLC packs have been sold, the Discord channel has attracted more than 400,000 visitors and the game has been viewed by more than 1.37 million people on Twitch, resulting in more than 300 million watched hours.

Rust launched on Steam Early Access in 2013 and on PS4 and Xbox One last spring. Players explore a post-apocalyptic island, starting with only a rock and a torch. You have to find out for yourself how best to survive. Not only other players can pose a threat, hunger and thirst, cold and wild animals can also pose a threat. However, you can also cooperate with other players.

Sometime soon, icy elements should be added to the game – including a polar bear – and new weapons, events and vehicles are coming to the game this year. In the course of February there are also all kinds of improvements to be made to the game.

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