Sony plans to integrate Discord into PlayStation consoles early next year

Discord Featured Image

PlayStation and Discord have entered into a partnership. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan says that “the Discord and PlayStation experiences will be brought closer together on consoles and smartphones from the beginning of next year.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment announces its partnership with Discord in a blog post. The two companies are as yet making few details about the content of this collaboration. Sony does state that the two companies are “working hard” to connect Discord with the “social and gaming experiences on PlayStation Network.”

Discord is therefore expected to be available for PlayStation consoles, although the way in which that would happen is still unclear. For example, it is still unknown whether Discord would be available as a separate PlayStation app. As part of the partnership, Sony invested an undisclosed amount in Discord during an investment round. With that, the Japanese console manufacturer now has a minority stake in Discord. Sony and Discord will announce more details about the partnership between the two companies in the coming months.

The collaboration between Discord and PlayStation is striking; In recent weeks, there have been rumors that competitor Microsoft would be in talks to take over the chat platform, with an amount of 10 billion dollars being mentioned. However, in late April, The Wall Street Journal reported that these takeover talks would have ended after Discord decided to remain an independent company.