Apple will release its new operating systems, including iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, on Wednesday. The company has announced this. The operating systems have been in beta since WWDC developer conference in June.

The release of iOS thus takes place for the first time without an announcement of new iPhones. Usually Apple does this at the same time, but due to the corona pandemic, the release of iPhones will take place later this year, Apple said some time ago. In addition to iOS 14 and iPad OS 14, Apple will also release watchOS 7 and a new version of tvOS for the Apple Watch on Wednesday.

Apple is making various changes to the interface of iPhones with iOS 14. For example, users can place widgets on home screens and Apple replaces the pages full of apps for an alphabetical list that will form the right-most home screen. Furthermore, users can choose a different browser and mail app as default instead of Safari and Mail.

Developers can also substitute their apps for ‘app clips’, small parts of apps for performing specific functions. Those app clips can be opened with urls, nfc tags and qr codes. There will also be an ‘AppClip code’ with its own pattern and nfc. AppClips are less than 10MB.

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